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Do I have to have an SSL certificate for the site?

Not necessary. We work with sites without SSL certificate.

How, where and how much money can be withdrawn?

You can withdraw starting from $ 10, leaving a request to the manager for 1 week early. Funds are withdrawn on PayPal, WebMoney (WMR, WMZ), ePayments every Tuesday.

What does the profit depends in the affiliate program?

Your profit depends on the volume, quality of subscribers and GEO.

What percentage of the PR cost is paid to webmasters and the affiliate program?

Guaranteed percentage of payments for advertising is 80% of the advertiser's price and 5% for an affiliate program.

What sites do you accept and with what traffic?

You can convert traffic from sites of any subject without restrictions, with the exception of sites prohibited by the rules of the system. More traffic the more subscriptions you will collect and make money on them.

If I do not have a website, but there is traffic from other sources, can I work with you?

Yes, definitely. The system has direct links to which you can upload traffic from your sources.

Which countries do you accept?

We have no restrictions regarding Geo.

Do your landing pages adapt to users?

All landings are displayed in accordance with user language preference.

What is your service search engines?

When using our service, there are no problems with search engines.

How often are statistics updated?

Statistics updated in real time.

What operating systems and browsers supports the service?

The service supports the following operating systems and browsers:
Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android.
Desktop - Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla.
Mobile - Google Chrome, Opera, Samsung browser, Android browser, Yandex.

Can I monetize my traffic by using your service?

Our service does not conflict with any other known type of monetization, therefore You can easily customize your traffic without any difficulty.

How long will the push notifications shown for subscribers ?

Push notifications will be shown until the user unsubscribes, respectively, and earnings will be charged for the entire period.