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Catch a hot bonus from our new partner - Zeydoo CPA-network!!
The Dao.Ad team is always looking for new and effective solutions for traffic quality screening and today we want to share our new successes
✔️The updated Dao.Ad smart screening system filters bot traffic based on user activity indicators and automatically blocks bot clicks.
✔️For the convenience of our advertisers, we have divided traffic sources into categories: low, regular, high and premium. Buy only targeted traffic at the best price!
And that is not all...
check a few useful updates at advertiser account!
✔️The ability to add campaigns with VAST link type
✔️New category for creatives - Racy, works for mainstream dating offers.
Moreover, we are happy to present our new partner  - Zeydoo
Zeydoo is a CPA-network with hand-picked exclusive offers from direct advertisers.
The hottest verticals are:
Finance, Surveys, Mobile content & Apps, Dating, Sweepstakes, Subscriptions, Extensions and much more. 
600+ exclusive offers in various verticals will give everyone a chance to find something suitable for them! 
Right now we advise you to pay attention to Mobile content offers which have easy flow and amazing CR.
You won’t find the same at other networks!

Do you want higher rates on some of Zeydoo’s offers?*
Then follow up?
✔️  Register/Sign In at Zeydoo
✔️  Choose one of the offers from the list* and provide a screenshot with traffic from Dao.Ad so we can approve a higher rate for YOU!
✔️  Get an increased rate at Zeydoo! 
* You can get an increased rate on the following offers: #1390, #2408, #2146, #2267, #2385, #2500, #145. 
Only exclusive offers and high profit!

New ad format IOS Calendar!

?We are glad to inform you that today we are launching a new, high-converting ad format “Push ICalendar”.?

Tim has just presented a new Apple? device and your future clients can already subscribe to our ICalendar. This new format is supported on all iOS devices – IPhone, iPad. Notifications are also available on Apple Watch.

?Advantages of the iCalendar format from Dao.Ad?

? High CR of high-quality and fresh audience

? Access to unique iOS users

? High CTR – now your ad is shown on the locked screen of a mobile device

? Quick launch of the advertising account: you only need Text + Emoji to create promo materials

? Small budgets: cost per click 0.005

? And traditionally a bonus from Dao.ad

We give a promo code DA0-Calendar for 10% of the deposit amount, hurry up to buy fresh traffic!

Moreover, meet our new partner

? Free spy service

? Spy.House is the easiest tool to analyze banner and push ads!

It is an indispensable tool for any media buyer.


✔️Access to 6 million creatives from 25 ad networks and even more is coming!

✔️ Search ads by keyword, domain, redirect.

✔️Sorting ads by popularity, lifetime, date, number of impressions.

✔️ Search for landing pages and pre-landing pages by domain, keyword, word on the landing page.

✔️Determination of the best landing pages by the number of ads and lifetime.

❗️No fees, no restrictions

Forget tedious searches, find winning combo, use SPY.HOUSE analytics and launch profitable campaigns based on the successful experience of your competitors!

Join ? Spy.House Chat

Now in DAO.AD, you can buy HQ traffic and views on your YouTube video

Dear friends and partners! Our team has prepared a hot updates for you!

Now in DAO.AD, you can buy HQ traffic and views on your YouTube video ?

Have you ever wondered how to make money on YouTube? If you want to start making money by creating content and posting it on YouTube - buying impressions for YouTube from DAO.AD will definitely help you.

How it works

We embed a YouTube player with your video on our sources (web-site). The video plays on our publisher's site, you in turn get real views of your video + your channel gets much more organic traffic. 

The benefits of buying views in DAO.AD ?

✔️ 100% guaranteed live traffic = live views;

✔️ Minimum duration of purchased views is 30 seconds

✔️Big volumes: about 40M real views per month;

✔️Best price on the market, compared to buying ads through Google Ads. Our prices start from $0.3 per 1000 views;

✔️Advanced campaign settings: limits (hour, day, per campaign), GEO, languages, device types, operating systems, browsers, categories, traffic sources;

✔️Detailed statistics and real-time updates.

How to get started

Create a campaign in Video category and when adding a creative specify "Youtube" type of creative. In the field "Youtube Url:" specify the link to your video. After campaign launch and moderation you will start getting displays from external sources for your channel video.

Stop waiting for a magical increase in views on YouTube.

Promote your videos on YouTube with DAO.AD!

Bonus for you - 10% to recharge your balance, contact your manager, to specify a personal offer for you.

Feel free to contact our support or our managers with any questions and suggestions and we are always waiting for you in our chat or PM our support.

Always yours, Dao.AD team